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The Full Story


GOOD BLOOMS is founded and farmed by Kelsie Coombes who is a passionate grower and has been in the Horticulture Industry since 2017. Her previous experience is in the Interior Design, Graphic Design and Hospitality Industries.

She has been working as a market gardener for several years across multiple farms and fell in love with the work gaining a lot of satisfaction seeing food grow from a tiny seed to a vegetable or fruit to a meal at night. From her experience in growing food she began to grow flowers in her backyard which then lead to growing, suppling and designing the flowers for her sisters wedding. Noticing the impact flowers have on a space, human happiness and their importance in the environment GOOD BLOOMS was born! 

GBLOGO-04 round.png


GOOD BLOOMS' mission is to reduce the need for importing blooms. The aim is to supply local florists with local, spray free and small batch BLOOMS that are grown in conjunction with mother nature, not against her. 

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